A modern web framework that focuses on developer productivity, performance, and maintainability

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Why Saturn?

Modern programming model

Saturn combines the well known MVC pattern with the power of FP and F# to make web programming fun and easy.

High performance

Saturn builds on top of highly optimized, and battle tested technologies such as ASP.NET Core, Giraffe and Kestrel.

Developer experience

Saturn provides set of tools, templates and guides that makes creating and maintaining applications seamlessly.

Created by Community

Saturn is created and maintained by well known members of the F# OSS Community and supported by industrial users.

Companies using Saturn

Saturn is a battle tested technology used in critical projects by many companies around the globe.

What Developers Say About Us

Saturn is a technology supported, trusted and used by members of F# Community

Nino Floris

For Consently and Crowded Saturn pairs perfectly with the productivity and safety we get from F# and applies those same principles to create a great functional first MVC web framework. All batteries are included and the possibility to use Saturn with any existing ASP.NET core library is a killer feature. F# with Saturn helps us get results like no other combination in the .NET ecosystem.

Jeremy Abbott

I've found Saturn to be the ideal web application framework. The MVC metaphor makes it perfect for teams looking to adopt F# because it supports patterns with which .NET developers are already familiar. Because it makes use of the Task computation expression, it also integrates very well with the rest of the .NET ecosystem. Even in its early stages, the CLI makes stubbing out new features incredibly simple. And, because it's leveraging the Giraffe framework, you know it's fast.

Tony Williams

Saturn with its sensible defaults and CEs has allowed us to quickly build a robust api without having to delve deep in to inner workings of ASP.NET Core. This means more time spend on representing our domain and less time wiring configs, IOC, etc.

Christian Steinert

Saturn not only gives us, at the KPMG Artificial Intelligence Lab, awesome functional abstractions to work with, it also integrates nicely into our huge, corporate IIS driven hosting environments with advanced requirements like Windows Authentication. The ability to run easily on development machines as a self hosted application, even on Linux, gives the edge in day to day development of medium to large web applications. Additionally, the possibility to "fall back" to the ASP.NET Core fundamentals, that Saturn build upon, enables a flexibility and productivity, that is yet to be matched.

Isaac Abraham

At Compositonal IT we are big believers in Saturn. It provides a high quality programming model that is quick to learn and extremely flexible, whilst customers are very happy knowing that it's built on top of the latest Microsoft ASP .NET Core server. We recommend it as the best way to write server-side web apps using natural F#

Cyril Baratoff

When faced with choosing a functional web application stack for a rewrite of our flagship LOB application I found that the SAFE stack featuring Saturn is flexible enough to enable integration with legacy systems as well as support for connected and occasionally connected desktop and mobile clients

Lambda Factory supports Saturn development and provides expert Saturn consulting for your projects