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How to start in 60 seconds


  • dotnet SDK
  • mono (on Linux/MacOS)
  • fake

  1. Install the dotnet template with dotnet new -i Saturn.Template
  2. Create a new folder and move into it - mkdir SaturnSample && cd SaturnSample
  3. Create a new Saturn application - dotnet new saturn -lang F#
  4. Run the build process to ensure everything was scaffolded correctly and restore dependencies - fake build
  5. Go into the subdirectory with the server application - cd src/SaturnSample
  6. Create a new controller with dotnet saturn gen Book Books id:string title:string author:string
  7. Run migrations that will create the database and Books table (as for now, the generator is using only SQLite DB) - dotnet saturn migration
  8. Open the folder in your favourite editor (VSCode) and insert the line (forward "/books" Books.Controller.resource) into browserRouter in Router.fs file
  9. Start the application by running fake build -t run from the root of the solution. This will start the application in watch mode (automatic recompilation on changes) and open your browser on http://localhost:8085 which should display the index page.
  10. Go to http://localhost:8085/books to see the generated view. All buttons should be working; you can add new entries, and remove or edit old ones.